GEOTEC Office Applications with Multilingual User Interface

The new English-language versions of GEOTEC Office applications with Multilingual User Interface (MUI) are now available. The Multilingual User Interface Pack is a set of language XML resource files that can be added to the English version of GEOTEC Office applications. MUI Pack allows the user interface language to be changed according to the preferences of individual users to one of the available supported languages. MUI Pack provides a single version of GEOTEC Office applications to which users can add one or more MUI Packs providing localized user interface and help files. Now, three languages are already available in ELPLA 9.1; English, German and Arabic.

The major benefits of the new MUI Pack are:
- Allows user interface switching between languages.
- Easy to update with new languages.
- Language-specific updates do not affect all languages.
- Languages are XML based resources that make it easier to users to add their own languages.
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